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Integrating Contentful with Vite and Vue 3

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The last Jamstack Community Survey positioned Contentful as one of the favorite CMS for developers. Unlike other CMS, Contentful provides a Community License to work on personal sites, hackathons, or philanthropic projects.

Table of Contents

Getting started

Today, we're going to build a small website with Vue 3 and integrating it with Contentful. The idea is to model a component in Contentful and render it with Vue 3.

Setting up your Vite project

npm init vite@latest

Follow the instructions. Please name your project and select vue as a framework.

Finally, go into the new folder, install the dependencies and run the solution.

npm install
npm run dev

This will serve a new website on localhost:3000 with the following default view.


Modeling a component in Contentful

For this example, we're going to create a Hero content-type in Contentful.


content-type ID: hero

  • Title, short text. This will be entry title.
    • Field ID: title
  • Description, short text.
    • Field ID: description
  • CTA Text, short text.
    • Field ID: ctaText
  • CTA Link, short text.
    • Field ID: ctaLink

Your Contentful model should look like this:

hero model

Creating an entry

Now that we have our Hero content-type created we need to create at least one entry for that model. Just fill in the inputs and publish the entry on the CMS.

hero entry

Installing the Contentful SDK into the project

Contentful provides a JS SDK to fetch information from the CMS. You can find it in their GitHub

Let's install the dependency.

npm install contentful

Now, create a new file called contentful.js in src/

import * as contentful from 'contentful'

const client = contentful.createClient({
  space: "YOUR_SPACE",
  accessToken: "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"

export default client

Remember to replace YOUR_SPACE AND YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN with your Contentful keys.

Building our first component

On the src/components folder create a new file called Hero.vue

<script setup>
import client from "../contentful";

const res = await client.getEntries({ content_type: "hero" });
const item = res.items[0];

const hero = {
  title: item.fields.title,
  description: item.fields.description,
  ctaLink: item.fields.ctaLink,
  ctaText: item.fields.ctaText,


    <h1>{{ hero.title }}</h1>
    <h2>{{ hero.description }}</h2>
    <a :href="hero.ctaLink">{{ hero.ctaText }}</a>

This component will use Contentful's client to fetch the entries with the hero content-type.

Now it's time to place this component into the App.vue

<script setup>
import Hero from "./components/Hero.vue";

    <Hero />

An this is how it looks on the browser:

render entry

Congratulations! Now you're serving your Contentful entries with Vue 3. You can find the working example with Tailwind CSS here